How to make your own cheats.


Action Replay to .cht
.cht to .scc Converter

Download & unpack the software above if you haven't already.
Go to codejunkies & choose a game. Im going to use Need for Speed Underground 2 in this tutorial.

Tutorial step 1

Click on the link for the game your going to use & the code page will come up.

Tutorial step 2

Now you want to copy & paste the codes to a txt file

then put @ on the start of each main code & # on any sub codes.

Tutorial step 3

Save your txt now & number it to that of your game (e.g. 0002)

open ar2cht & browse to your txt file click open than ok which will make a .cht file.

Tutorial step 4

open cht2supercardcheat click make cheat then browse to your .cht file then click open.

Tutorial step 5

now put your new .scc in the cheat folder in your scshell folder on the root of your flash card. (SCDSONE)

Tutorial step 6

when you start your game you will see your cheat menu.

Tutorial step 7